Door 44 Jewelry Going Out of Business


I had one of those crossroads moments yesterday. You know, those moments when you realize the path that you’re on is leading you to a place you just don’t want to be? Being completely at the mercy of an entire department full of incompetent government employees is one of those places that I definitely don’t want to be. Yet, that’s where I find myself today. I’ve been fighting with the Colorado Department of Revenue for months to straighten out a simple clerical error, and today I’m giving up that fight.

I run an Etsy shop. As businesses go, mine is about as small and simple as it gets. It consists of me, a lot of wire, and a few beads. That’s all there is to it, but even that seems too complicated for the geniuses at the DOR to comprehend. What I registered with the Secretary of State as a sole proprietorship, they keep insisting is an LLC; and I just don’t have it in me to argue with them anymore. So, with a lot of regret, but not one more F*** to give, I’m shutting Door 44 Jewelry down for good.

I have a considerable amount of inventory to clear out, and it’s all going on sale for 50% off until it’s gone, or until I have so little left that I can absorb the remaining stock into my personal jewelry collection and get on with my life.

As so many of you have been incredibly loyal friends and customers, you get first dibs on the clearance items. I’ll make this sale known publicly on Wednesday, April 19th. In the meantime go find that one piece you’ve had your eye on, and snatch it up before it’s gone! Use the coupon code DOOR44CLOSING to save 50% on your entire purchase.