Step by Step, Brick by Brick

20160930_111235Can you believe it’s already the first of October? This year has been an absolute whirlwind for me! After far too many years of sitting on the fence when it came to selling my jewelry, I finally opened an Etsy shop on January 28th of this year. The response, thankfully, has been overwhelmingly positive, so I am now in the process of formalizing my business structure and taking a more strategic approach to growing Door 44 Jewelry into my primary source of income.

A major part of my business strategy, of course, is a formal website, which I recently launched. As luck would have it, though, my current business cards reference So I can’t simply pull the plug on this site. Not yet, anyway. For the time being, I’ll be maintaining both sites. I’ll probably still write some occasional blog posts here, but the blog at will be the primary location for all jewelry-specific blog posts for now.

Eventually, my goal is to let go of the domain and move to a WordPress platform. I’ll get there, but the transition will likely happen gradually over this coming year. Step by step, brick by brick, I’m inching closer every day to achieving my full vision for Door 44 Jewelry. And I’m thoroughly enjoying the process along the way.

Life is short. Do something you love!



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