Dysfunction Junction, What’s Your Function?

There’s a common misconception in our society that the best way to deal with unpleasant realities is to look away and remain silent. One of the most pervasive realities in our society, which we consciously choose to ignore, is sexual abuse. I originally published this post on my husband’s blog a little over a year ago. It’s about my home town, Trinidad, Colorado, and the dirty little secret that town keeps for multiple teachers and coaches in the community who have been sexually abusing teenage girls for generations.

Trinidad School District #1 is currently under a Title IX investigation by the Federal Office for Civil Rights. That investigation is in the third and final stage of review currently. It is my sincerest hope that the findings of that investigation will be made public soon. I also hope that this story becomes known nationally because it’s time we have a national conversation about this problem. The Obama administration has focused its attention on the sexual abuse that occurs on college campuses. That’s a start, but we need to go deeper. This behavior starts in high schools and middle schools, and until we get to the root of that problem, we’re never going to solve it.

I’ll be sharing more of my own story of the sexual abuse that I endured while growing up in Trinidad along with more of the backstory of the current OCR investigation here on my own blog. The time for silence has passed. Now is the time for action. As a parent of a daughter, I want this abuse to be stopped. There’s an attitude of not my child, not my problem in our society, and I couldn’t disagree more with that attitude. My attitude is, if your child isn’t safe, my child isn’t safe. So if I have to work to protect your daughters in order to keep my own daughter safe, so be it.


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