Itching to Stitch – Part III

Part of my charm is that I’m undaunted by large projects. The bigger the better, really. My proclivity for massive undertakings does present certain challenges in terms of balance, however. This particular project has proved to be more of a full-time job than an evening pastime, I’m afraid. I’m not getting much of anything else done while this project consumes my time, but it’s been fun to watch our wedding tapestry evolve from a cartoon to a nearly finished piece.

Here’s a quick look at the evolution of a needlepoint tapestry.

House of Reamy

Center monogram pattern designed by Marlene of New York Needleworks.




As I approach the home stretch on this needlepoint project, I’m already thinking about my next big project, which is to set up an online store for my jewelry. And of course I have tons of ideas for jewelry that I’m anxious to create.





3 thoughts on “Itching to Stitch – Part III

    1. Yes, it’s going to happen soon. I’m going to use Etsy and Shopify as interim solutions until I can figure out exactly what I want in a custom site, which Matt will then build for me.


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