Some Much Needed Time to Reconnect

My husband and I had a few precious hours of quality time together today. We dropped our daughter off at her mom’s house for a visit this morning and drove to Estes Park. I haven’t been there in years, so it was fun for me to see how much the town has changed.

Matt, a photography buff, had never been there before, so it was all new to him. I love looking at the world through my husband’s photos. It helps me see things from his perspective, which isn’t very different from my own, but I have noticed that Matt is more a “big picture” kind of guy while I’m more inclined to focus on details.

Here are a few highlights from today’s trip into the mountains (all photos by Matt Reamy):


The famous Stanley Hotel. I love this old building, which is well known for its appearance in the movie The Shining.


Once we left Estes Park, we took a short detour through Masonville, which is a place I remember fondly from my years in Fort Collins. I used to drive through this gorgeous valley frequently when I lived in that area. It’s still as quirky and beautiful as I remember. We found this gorgeous view,


and this quirky vintage styled sign.


I didn’t realize how badly Matt and I needed some time alone to rest, recharge, and reconnect until we hit the road together today. I arrived home feeling happier and more secure in my relationship with my amazing husband. I also picked up a few stone cabochons at The Ore Cart Rock Shop in Estes Park. I’m looking forward to seeing what I can create with those this week.

Life is short. Do what you love, but don’t forget to take some time away from your craft to reconnect with those you love.


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